Help with setting up AEM on HP Zbook

Hello, I am in need of setting up AEM, and I am experiencing problems where the BIOS is not giving Qubes the control of the security processor. If anyone can help, please reply, I will paste the errors i have been getting.

Hi you mean you are setting up Anti-Evil-Maid protection based on the Github docs and your Qubes kernel can’t see the Trusted Platform Modul ?

Maybe the G7 Firefly is not supported by the latest kernel in the moment ? Tried any other normal linux distro ?

Hello, I am using Fedora as a dom0 tamplate. I am unable to reset the TPM chip. It says that the chip is not connected, and there is a bug. But I cannot find a solution for the same.

Tspi_Context_Connect failed: 0x00003011 - layer=tsp, code=0011 (17), Communication failure
is what i am getting on running a reset.

Plus PCRS file does not exist in the TPM0 folder.

  • Only TPM version 1.2 is currently supported. It may be possible to configure your 2.0 TPM to emulate the 1.2 interface.


Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 (Infineon SLB9670)


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