Help 'Error checking storage configuration'

Having trouble with installation destination, trying to get qubes os working on vmware workstation with 35GB of space for local disk on VM, i have over 800GB of free space on my loacl disk so there is obviously something ive forgot to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

A) Virtualization is not supported

B) Per “Recommended”, increase that storage to 128GB and, I “think” you’ll be on your way to all the pain, suffering & confusion you seek by installing in a virtualized setup.

Thank you that was simple enough. Now i have ‘Please complete items marked with icon before continuing to next step’ but nothing is marked and i cant begin installation, it seems you were right about the pain and suffering.

If you’re looking to take a “test drive”, maybe just install to a USB stick?

If you have a “need” to leverage the vmwhere, use something like plop to help you boot from the USB stick.

If you have some interest in all the joys Qubes will bring to your life, just score an old x230 and join the cult.