Help, can't boot after incomplete update

I was updating from R4.0 to R4.1 via Qubes Update.
While installing for dom0 then my PC crashed.

After rebooting, Qubes fail to boot. I’m able to enter the GRUB menu to select which kernel and os, but later will simply stuck at a blank screen (not able to enter into Anaconda to enter disk encryption password etc).

Can you guys advice on what can be done to repair the system?

Not sure if it could help, but try with adding qubes.skip_autostart and delete rhgb and quite from kernel parameters, you may edit the kernel parameters when you entering grub menu.

Then show us the output of dracut.

Hi @51lieal
Thanks for the suggestion

I tried adding qubes.skip_autostart and delete rhgb and quiet from kernel parameters before booting Qubes. But the same problem persist, my systems freezes at a blank screen after that