HCL Report Topic Template Text is Outdated

Continuing the discussion from HCL - Apple MacBook Pro (11,1):

I am unsure which links you are talking about. Please explain

If user creates new report on forum it sees:
< !-- Find instructions on reporting HCL here:
Redirecting… – >

But this link does not work as expected.
I don’t remember where I had another not working link, sorry.

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@deeplow I don’t think I can change that myself. Please advice / correct if needed.

I have fixed it now. Thanks for reporting it @balko

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Testing email threading. Please ignore.

@deeplow, I didn’t even get the above as an email?

Clearly an issue with the email server, I’d say. On the discourse admin interface it says it was sent:

Got it, but late … and yes it’s a separate thread.

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