HCL - Dell Inspiron 15 3511


Was excited to get 4.1 installed on a new, relatively low cost, big box store laptop purchase.

What I’ve tested:
Wifi, web cam, audio, video, touch screen, and track pad all work fine. Suspend does not return and requires a reboot, but it may be inexperience on my part, still working on it.

Bios required some changes before install, similar to what I’ve read here about other Dells:
secure boot disabled
support assist os recover off
auto os recover threshold set to off
Device Controller set to AHCI/NVMe


Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-Inspiron_15_3511-20220225-225747.yml (885 Bytes)

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Thank you @jma for your HCL report, which is online now.