Haven't updated in a while

I’ve been looking for a thread that is similar but I haven’t seen someone who just hasn’t updated in a while.
The problem im having is I haven’t updated the temples since fedora 32. I see the latest is 36 and people in other threads are using 34. Eerytime I try to update I get and error message. (If pictures will help I can take those as well because this has been happening every time I try and update)

Another problem is when I try and update my whonix templates I get a message that says “can’t connect to qrexec.sgent for 60 seconds. see /var/log/xen/console/guest-whonix-gw-15.log”. But I had cat that file and honestly I can’t tell you what im looking at… but I can post screen shoots.

So the three issues are

  1. fedora templates won’t update
  2. whonix templets won’t update
  3. Cant connect to tor (More than likely because of the 2nd issue)

Any help I would appreciate because im trying to get back into qubes but nothing is updating

P.S. My internet on qubes os is working fine. I tested it out by surfing the web in my work qube and everything loaded fine so its not my internet connection.

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Whonix 15 is EOL and Qubes 4.0 too (if you are still running it), that’s why you can’t upgrade it. You have to download and install Whonix 16 manually with qvm-template (in dom0).

You have a lot of work to do to fully upgrade your system. if you feel you can’t do it right, make a backup of your VMs and reinstall Qubes with the 4.1.1 ISO.

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Fedora 32 reached EOL in May 2021, which means that it has not received any security updates since then:

Please read these:





We announce when things reach EOL, so please keep up with our announcements to be notified in the future. We make sure to cast our announcement net far and wide, so there are many ways to stay informed:

You only have to use one of these in order to get all the important announcements!

There’s also qubes-announce, which is a very low-volume mailing list for critical Qubes-specific announcements only. (Does not include template EOL announcements.)

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just wondering, so If I upgrade to the 4.1.1 version that would also upgrade my templates
or do you mean like a full system upgrade.

yeah ha… not my most proudest moment but yes this is the case

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If you do a backup and restore it on a fresh 4.1.1 installation, you will be able to update everything fine. That’s also less steps than going through all the updates + upgrading to 4.1 with the dist-upgrade script.