Has the number of Qubes users dwindled?

How would we know. Seems that with all the troubles in the world. People would be beating a path to what is well advertised as the most Secure way to be on the Internet, if the individual is careful in implementation and use of Qubes.

you can check here Statistics | Qubes OS, based on the statistic it has.

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I wonder the degree to which “unique IP addresses per month” as a stand in for user count undercounts multiple users behind same IPs (household, business, VPN) vs. overcounts same user over multiple IP addresses (provider IP rotation, traveling, mobile, also VPN).


I’m not seeing that in the chart. The trend appears to be gradually sloping upward. Are you perhaps misinterpreting the low bar for the current month?

Given the popularity of VPNs, I suspect the fact that all VPN users who use the same IP address are counted as only one user results in severe undercounting. There’s an attempt to estimate Tor users based on requests instead of IP addresses, but this doesn’t apply to VPNs AFAIK.

Most if not all VPNs have multiple exit points per country, with some major services having more than a hundred in major destinations. Even when considering how many VPN providers share data centers, the probability of more than two Qubes users accessing the server from the same exit point (same IP) is low enough to be inconsequential, and I suspect this is true even if half of all Qubes users use the same VPN service (e.g. Mullvad).

Once you factor in app-automated or manual rotation of servers over time (e.g. choose US as destination, refresh connection, get a random US server), the opposite becomes an issue as the same user is logged using multiple IP addresses.

So I’d worry about overcounting due to VPNs, based on my limited knowledge of the matter.


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Ahh you’re right, I’ve fail to read the graph.

Actually last month is the highest count of all time.

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Rapid updating on new release may be a factor in this.

I was wondering if the problems installing 4.1 fedora 35 was causing some to stop using Qubes.