Hardware compatibility list (HCL)

I have ASRock b550 PRO4 motherboard, Ryzen 7 5700G desktop processor.
I saw Hardware compatibility list (HCL) and found that my motherboard is not listed but I found this regarding my processor.

So I have following question.

  1. If I give it a try can it damage my hardware ?

Hi @David1,

The HCL entry that you linked does report that a machine with a similar processor did work as expected under R4.1-RC3, with the observation that it wouldn’t wake up from suspend. Am I reading this correctly?

If the “doesn’t wake up from suspend” is what worries you:

  • “suspend mode” not working in some way is a common situation on Qubes OS, and usually one of the things that only a few setups can do well
  • usually that means you’ll make sure that your machine doesn’t try to suspend (by disabling the option near the other “Power saving” settings) because having to force a shutdown is never nice
  • other than that (hard shutdowns, that you’ll avoid anyway), I don’t see how the hardware could get damaged. You should be safe to give a try to Qubes OS.

Does that make sense to you? Did I miss anything in that HCL report?

Hi @gonzalo-bulnes thanks for replying.

I am bit worried about motherboard ASRock B550 PRO4 as it is not listed in Hardware compatibility list.

What is your opinion regarding motherboard safety ?

Shall I give it a try even if its not listed in the compatibility list ?