Hardware Acceleration and Qubes

Hardware acceleration (focusing on GPU here) is something that is of interest to many people, but there seems to be a lack of documentation about it. It also seems that the task isn’t a big priority for the Qubes project, and considering that the GUI framework is undergoing a major overhaul, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion about the place of hardware acceleration (GVT, single gpu passthrough, etc.), and to ask what the main issues are that prevent this from being more supported.

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Perfect, There is lack of documentation. I signed up just for the sake to get help with GPU issues while installing.

I installed qubes successfully via bootable USB and after rebooting I am redirected to BIOS screen always. I did read the page where we need some troubleshooting required with Nvidia cards but i can not be able to make it. [boot order is freezed to select qubes]

can anybody help me ?

It seems qubes is still under development to support GPU related issues , I wiped whole ssd drive to install qubes but ended unsatisfied with this os :unamused: and nobody in the forum were aware of people who use Nvidia GPUs. I recommend my followers/friends to wait until qubes developers fix these sort of issues.

We have a long discussion about that, you may use search button to find out why it’s hard to implement. cmiiw

Read this :

Let me quote myself: