Hacking Dom0 File System: Read/Write Persistent Folders Outside Of /home/

I want to create folders to hold Veracrypt vaults in root that are read/write by user.

I know it’s not advised… but we are hacking now aren’t we :wink:

So far my tests have lead to a bunch of folders with Veracrypt vaults that open, but are read-only. (Despite opening the vault with root privileges.)

Furthermore, I’ve made some vaults that just disappeared in the filesystem…yet they still are taking up dom0 filespace.

…I can imagine all these are an artifact of storing the vaults outside of dom0 home folders.

Well, before I do another re-install and mess up that system, if you wanted to store veracrypt vaults with read/write privileges for user in root (/)… how would you do it?

just run veracrypt as root, create a vault and change permission to the user
now you can run veracrypt as user and access the vault

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I thought I could do that. I’m not sure how I messed up the file system. But a bunch of veracrypt vaults just disappeared.

Exploring the file system using root privileges, they are nowhere to be found. But they are still occupying disk space.

It could have something to do with a circular bind (cause I’ve been messing with binding redirects as well).

…at this point I’m just about to re-install the OS and start from scratch… unless there’s some magical terminal command that would get my dom0 state back.