GUI updater failed when updating debian-10. Should I upgrade to debian 11?


I’m new to Qubes. Unfortunately I didn’t find this information in the getting started guides.

Just installed 4.0.4 and the first thing to do after a fresh install is a full update, apparently. I tried using the GUI updater and debian-10 failed to update. Should I upgrade the debian template do debian 11? Because apparently ‘buster’ is still supported and stable.
Also both fedora-32 and whonix 15 updated successfully, but fedora 33 and whonix 16 were recently released. Should I upgrade these manually as well? I’d like to leave my system a close as possible to a fresh, “standard” installation for now, but I also want to have all the latest security patches and full compatibility.

Any input is appreciated, thanks.

I believe I am familiar with the problem you are having with Debian 10. When a new Debian version is released, the packages in the old version are moved from ‘stable’ to ‘oldstable’ and this change needs to be manually confirmed for some of the packages.
Simply open up a terminal in the debian-10 TemplateVM and run sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade, then follow on-screen prompts when they appear. This should fix the problem, if my suspicions are correct. You can then use the GUI update tool to update after that.
If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can copy the text from the details option in the Qubes Update tool so we can better understand the problem.

For Qubes R4.0.4, the supported versions for Fedora, Debian, and Whonix are Fedora 33, Debian 9 & 10, and Whonix 15 & 16. I would recommend upgrading to Fedora 33 and Whonix 16. To do that, you can simply follow the steps in the Templates documentation.