GUI freezes after update


After my last dom-0 update xfce freezes after login. Everything stops, i see only initial trays, one desktop without any shortcuts in it. I can still log into console (tty) without any issue. System itself seems to be more or less fine.
Is there any known such issue ?

As an alternative approach I might reinstall my Qubes 4.1 to latest RC version but i still need to backup my VMs. I have attached additional SSD disk. I thought that the best and fastest way would be to backup VMs to additional disk drive mounted to dom0, but i see only option to copy to destination vm with alternatively connected usb drive. Can I do it with mounted drive to dom0 directly ?
If not then - how I can get direct access to running vm console to copy this data to external SSD drive?

Also I would appreciate it if you guys can share with me some documentation with exmaples of such backup performed from dom0 directly as I mentioned before i dont have access to GUI now and most of documentation utilizes GUI for this.

There are also two command-line tools available that perform the same functions: qvm-backup and qvm-backup-restore .

From the docs.

Well, I’ve been there thousand times but it didnt help me much becouse I was looking for dom0 instruction which I couldn’t find there or either I’m blind or retarded :wink:

Anyway I managed already working for me solution.
In case someone will be looking for same information:

//After GUI freezes - use console by pressing CTRL+ALT+F2 or other F3,F4 etc.
//Login to system

//Start VM from which you want to copy something
qvm-start VMNAME

//Get list of available storage devices

//Find your hard drive (in my case dom:sdc) and attach it to VM
qvm-block attach VMNAME dom:sdc

//Switch to VM console from dom0 (instead of pv you can use serial). 
//To exit console press CTRL+]
sudo xl console -t pv VMNAME

//Login as root by passing username (root)

//Mount drive 
sudo mkdir /mnt/drive
sudo mount /dev/xvdi /mnt/drive

Copy/Do whatever is neccessary

Of course you can also make a backup to VM from dom0 directly:

qvm-backup -d DEST_VM_NAME /home/user/BACKUP_FOLDER VMNAME
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