Grayscale as a qube preference

I think a per qube grayscale(excluding borders of course) preference could fit Qubes pretty well.
It would compliment both compartmentalization and the ability to differentiate qubes.
You could use a grayscale filter for it’s original purpose, and make any media qubes grayscale, to reduce distractions.
You could also use a grayscale filter to stop a qube from drawing another qubes’ colored borders within it’s own borders.
This would make phishing from colored qubes harder.
You could also make template qubes grayscale by default.
This could help new users realize when they are using a template qube instead of an app or disposable qube.
I initially wanted to make this a github issue, but I had some issues creating the account.

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This suggestion is probably better suited for github. And by the way, there’s already one to add more colors: Add seven new colors · Issue #2523 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub