Graphics and HDMI problems with integrated Intel graphics card

I have a laptop (System76 galago pro, tech specs) with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics. Qubes mostly works fine on the laptop, but has numerous graphics limitations. I suspect the root cause for a few (all?) might be the same.

Problems I’m experiencing:

  • HDMI connections do not work. They seem never detected. Also display connections connected over USB-C are not detected.
  • Screen brightness adjustment (for the laptop display) does not work.
  • Redshift does not work.

I suspect the root cause to have something to do with graphics drivers. How do I begin to troubleshoot this? The lack of support for external display is the most annoying, really a blocker for my usability.

Hey I cant help fix the issues but here is the simple work around I found for the brightness adjustment. Good luck!

EDIT: I suggest you look into whatever else “xrandr” is capable of. it could be able to enable your ports as well. I dont know but its a place to start. Again good luck!