GPU that wont interfere with QubesOS

It took me many weeks to get QubesOS working flawlessly. I am looking to add GPU to my desktop for AI and ML purposes. I remember reading that NVIDIA could pose problems for Qubes. What would be my best option? thank you


It shouldn’t matter for Qubes OS which GPU will you choose if you plan to passthrough it to one of your qubes because in that case it won’t be used by dom0. Choose the one that will work well in the qube with AI/ML software to which you plan to passthrough it.


Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your help!

Nvidia is just not good for dom0 due to nouveau drivers (the free driver) being bad and not always stable, this can be solved by manually installing the proprietary driver but it’s 500 MB of proprietary blob you need to reinstall every time dom0 kernel is updated, so it’s far from being ideal.

As said above, it doesn’t matter when it’s used within qubes though :+1:


Thank you for the info, waiting for my GPU to arrive!