Glitchy second monitor

Hi, I have Qubes 4.04 installed on a laptop with a discrete and integrated GPU (I suspect this might be the issue?). Everything works fine when I’m just using my laptop screen, but any external monitor is glitchy. Firstly, the background is distorted until I go into the display settings and change the FPS to something else (if I then change it back to the default 60 it works). Secondly, no matter what no windows will show up on the second monitor. I can drag them to my second monitor and then drag them back, I can interact with them with the keyboard/mouse, but I just can’t see them. My mouse is visible though.

When I run xrandr all the monitors are there. Whenever I run “lspci | grep VGA” entries for what I assume are my Intel integrated graphics and nVidia GPU show up. I tried doing the steps to disable the nouveau driver (not even sure if it’s installed or in use but I read it can fix some problems) as well as trying KDE with kscreen.

I’d love to use Qubes as everyday OS if I could just figure this out. Thanks.