Github Issue #5386 - Appmenus: hierarchical submenus

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Github issue #5386 - Appmenus: hierarchical submenus

Opened by a user on Oct 13, 2019:

Trying to make navigating app menus where there are many VMs or a lot of apps in a VM easier.

The above issue was filed long before the current Qubes Appmenu came to existence (in 2021-07-07). The current Appmenu addresses most of user concerns. So the original issue is invalid. It is necessary to politely mention user in a new Github comment and remind them about this and ask them to open new issues for the current Appmenu if needed. Then if you receive OK (or no reply), the issue could be closed.

I leave this issue to other users who expressed their willingness to help the project in another forum thread.

Required skills

Github account. Proper communication skills.

It seems this issue will remain open so long as 4.1 is supported.

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4.1 is EOL, and will reach normal EOS on 16-06-2024

This issue is a feature request, it’s not a bugfix. New features should not be added to software after it enters the EOL phase, and typically only necessary patches will be backported.

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Similar issue which should get closed by R4.1 EOL

Issue #3910 - UI Improvement: Start menu displays prefixes which slow reading down a lot and become chaotic

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Just to avoid any potential confusion from others reading this thread who may not be fully informed about the Qubes OS Project’s end-of-life (EOL) policy and specific EOL dates:

This is generally correct, but in the Qubes OS Project, EOL is currently a specific date, not a phase. In this case, Qubes 4.1 will be fully supported until it reaches EOL on 2024-06-18. After that date, 4.1 will no longer receive any enhancements or non-security bug fixes. There will only be security patches and only due to the aforementioned extended security support. Once the extended security support ends on 2024-07-31, Qubes 4.1 will not be supported at all.

By the way, when a release reaches EOL, we usually like to give people plenty of time before mass-closing issues. In the past, for example, we’ve waited over a year before closing all the issues that were linked only to the EOL release (not to any newer supported release) and that had not seen any activity in over a year. We intentionally refrain from mass-closing issues immediately after EOL because we’re aware that many issues may still be applicable to newer supported releases. Those issues should be kept open (or reopened) and linked to the relevant supported release(s).

So, if you see the 4.1 EOL date come and go, and you wonder why this (or similar) issues are still open, that’s why. :slight_smile: