GIGABYTE H610M S2H only modern PS2 VGA Motherboard

Dear all,

I am new to Qubes and after trying to run it on my current system for experimental reasons I decided to buy a dedicated desktop Qubes.

For security reasons I wanted a computer that supports PS2 and VGA and it was quite a hassle to find a solution. I couldn’t find any modern pre build systems so I decided to go the DIY route.

Surprisingly enough the only Motherboard I could find supporting this is actually a very modern 12 Gen board: GIGABYTE H610M S2H. Since it is 12 Gen I would like to pair it with the 12700K because on the HCL it seems to be working quite well with Qubes.

My question is: Does anyone know if the Ethernet and Audio on the board would work with Qubes ?

Thank you in advance.

The MSI Z690 has a single PS2 port, it can also use the open source firmware Dasharo/Coreboot.

I’m currently using it with a 12900K, and I’ve not had any issues with running Qubes OS.

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Thank you for your reply.
I read your HCL listing. Do you know if the integrated graphics work by now or that a dedicated gpu is still needed ?

I could only get it to work using Dasharo, but the MSI firmware could have been updated.

I’ve not really tested it, I just booted with internal graphics, and it seemed to be working with two monitors connected.