Getting into automation in Qubes

I got recently into qubes and wanted to get into automating the tasks in qubes.
What’s the most user friendly way to go about stuff like automatically deleting/moving/copying files to/ and from dom0?

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First of all, I’d like to give the standard strong warning against copying files to dom0. Dom0 is intended to be completely isolated, and it risks compromising the entire machine if things go wrong. Only do this if you understand the risks.

That being said, in dom0 you can run: dom0$ qvm-run --pass-io <your vm> cat <file in your vm> > /path/to/where/you/want/file/in/dom0.file

Hi @kyle4251 , welcome to the tribe.

You have two choices here (basically), qvm-foo commands and salt.

Salt is widely considered to be a “a bit complex”. It is what qubes uses to setup the default VMs during the installation. Personally I think it is utterly painful (no disrespect intended, its just not my cup of tea).

For the qvm-foo part I have written a blogpost I’d recommend to get started: How to Create Qubes OS VMs Using the Command Line