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XPS is a DELL laptop.

Are we attempting to replicate the HCL?

If we are looking for a tool to look for positive reports about Qubes
installs we should improve the way the HCL is rendered on the the
website (need help with that – not really an HTML kind of dude)

A place to discuss experiences and give general advice … that’s the
forum. But in that case tags and such are probably overkill.

Another thing to keep in mind for both the forum and the HCL:
information of this nature doesn’t age well. It does me little good to
know about a computer that perfectly runs Qubes OS if I can no longer
buy it.

Finally: there are those who have accepted in their thread model that
for the time being we have to live with Intel ME and the AMD equivalent
and supply chain threads, in which case the general: “go with a
ThinkPad” is - I think - still good advice.

Then there are those who cannot accept that and require Coreboot and ME
disabling etc. In that case the universe of available options shrinks
dramatically and the barrier to entry goes up either in terms of
knowledge/time or money (let someone else do it for you).

Maybe we should separate those two streams?


Quoting from a parallel discussion that seems to provide a viable to solution to what this thread originally aimed to solve: helping users find Qubes-compartible computers.

So to sum up the current idea being discussed there is for computers with multiple positive HCL reports to show up on a pinnned wiki post on the forum. Each would then have its own thread linked to there.

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