Gem install proxy issue in template (proxy?)

Hello community,
In my template domain, i’m running:
sudo gem install -p "" sass-embedded
The system then replies:

rake aborted!
Errno::ENETUNREACH: Failed to open TCP connection to (Network is unreachable - connect(2) for

Previously I had added in the /etc/hosts because I noticed I had a different error:
SocketError: Failed to open TCP connection to (getaddrinfo: Name or service not known)
So my guess was that the gem dns request was not taken into account.

To be clear, I tested my setup and one curl -x works perfectly

Did you face this problem? I’m stuck for so long…

Try it like this:
sudo https_proxy= http_proxy= gem install -p "" sass-embedded


Your solution is not exactly right, BUT the idea is there! :heartbeat:
The good adaptation is:

sudo su
export https_proxy=
export http_proxy=
gem install sass-embedded
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