Galago Pro 5 USB-C output

I’ve recently bought a Galago Pro 5 and want to install Qubes on it. Initially I ran into this issue which prevented it from building at all, but rebuilding Xen and Qubes with the patch listed there solved it (and it seems Xen 4.15 will have that fix). However, now I’m running into hardware issues.

Specifically, the Galago Pro has a USB-C output with DisplayPort which I want to use for video. Under Linux (Fedora 33 and Ubuntu) this works out of the box. On Qubes it doesn’t register at all. Plugging components (USB keyboard and mouse) into a USB hub connected to the same USB-C port is inconsistent; if the cable is plugged in at boot time, they work, but if it’s later unplugged and plugged in again they don’t register. This behavior is the same whether USB is attached directly to dom0 or there’s a sys-usb configured to allow the USB keyboard.

How can I approach this problem?

Qubes 4.0 has Fedora 25 in dom0, and it seems you need something newer. Did you try Qubes 4.1 with Fedora 32 in dom0?

Yes, I’m using a Qubes 4.1 that I build myself (as was necessary for the Xen patch). dom0 is fc32.

I still don’t have a great grasp on the builder, so it may be that I just need to make it use newer versions somehow.