Fstab Edits Wipe On AppVm Restart?

I have an appVm based on Debian-11.

I’ve edited /etc/fstab using nano.

After saving the change, then viewing fstab, the edit shows.

But, when I shutdown the appVM, and restart it the changes to fstab do not persist on reboot.

This isn’t a disposable vm.

Does Fstab edits have to be done on the template?


Nope. It’s normal behaviour of all “AppVMs”. You should do the changes in the templateVM or (if you only need them for this one AppVM) cloning the template so this AppVM have it’s own templateVM…

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Alternately you can create a StandaloneVM, which will not revert the root filesystem to the template’s copy on shutdown.

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There is a mechanism where you can place a script under the AppVM /rw/ persistent mount that will execute early during startup in just that AppVM. You could use that to swap in your fstab file or do some more intelligent programatic editing of it before the rest of the AppVM system starts up.
Sorry, I don’t have access to qubes right now to tell you the actual path to use.

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Is there anyway I can get a usb to mount via the UUID without editing the fstab?

I have a script that attaches and accesses a USB. The big problem as been able to get the script to mount the USB after attaching it. After messing with fstab, I’ve just managed to mess up my system a few times… and not got the script to attach USB->mount USB->access the USB files.