FreeBSD HVM audio issues

FreeBSD is all kinds of broken by default as a desktop qube. The networking isn’t too bad but can be tricky depending. The mouse doesn’t even work by default in X11. This can be solved but pulseaudio cracking and popping is where I finally gave up. Didn’t even get to making the resolution larger than 1280x768 which is the largest allowed by default. Seems like plenty of blame to go around with qemu, xen, FreeBSD, QubesOS and even Redhat (by hiring LP) for foisting that monstrosity of pulseaudio on us and making it so linux specific. Been obvious since the systemd stuff that POSIX is dead but the nail is now in the coffin as well. The LMDE HVM I setup pretty much just worked right out of the box. Even the WinXP one as well so maybe not all POSIX (though no networking by choice and didn’t test sounds except in a few old games).