Format encrypted ssd

I have an encrypted ssd with qubes installed and I want to install debian on it.

It wont let me overwrite qubes encrypted ssd.

How do I format the ssd?

Kind regards.

it’s strange, anyway:
at first stage, switch console (alt+tab+f4 or something like that), and from shell (choose the right disk/partition!):

root@debian:~# dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda1 bs=1M status=none
dd: error writing '/dev/sda1': No space left on device

than go on with installation.
[example from: Full disk encryption, including /boot: Unlocking LUKS devices from GRUB ]

Ensure you’re not running the os from the ssd you want to format (you can run these commands from a live usb)

The command suggested above is great to overwrite all data. (but since you have an ssd you need to replace sda1 with nvme#n1 where # is the number of your ssd.

Before you proceed make sure you select the correct drive. You can run lsblk to get a list of connected drives.

If you’re still having trouble you can try destroying the data structures and/or partition table:

$ sudo sgdisk --zap-all /dev/nvme#n1
$ sudo sgdisk --clear /dev/nvme#n1

from shell you can just run ‘wipefs -a /dev/DeviceName’, rescan storage and partition, should be enough.