Force Update of KeePassXC to Latest?

Debian 10 template KeePassXC version shows 2.3.4.
Latest version is 2.6.6.

Trying to update thru updater, it doesn’t update KeePassXC

Trying to direct download & update through KeepassXc github:
It only has appimages. I’m looking for the .deb image.

Is the debian package installer behind? Or is something else going on?
Is there any way I can get the latest 2.6.6 version in .deb format?

Maybe you get a higher version with a Debian-11 template. I’m afraid this won’t happen on a Debian-10 enviroment.
Debian website says highest version for buster is 2.3.4 and currently for bullseye is 2.6.2