Flashing Coreboot/Heads on a T430, help needed

I will use this thread for two things:

  1. I am in the process of disassembling my Thinkpad T430 and want to share images to help people do the same and make the process a bit less mysterious
  2. I want to ask for help, as there are people that use Heads on this laptop and the heads wiki only has a placeholder. (Editable here)

Previous images where posted here

In this picture you see the Thinkpad with a lot disassembled, from below.

  • battery removed (after that press the power button for a few seconds to remove static electricity)
  • bottom flap with screws opened
  • screws for keyboard removed, keyboard lifted and plugged out
  • all other bottom screws removed and the whole upper case moved up
  • CD Ultrabay / SSD case removed
  • left speaker removed and lifted
  • below that is the fan, this including the heatpipes is removed by evenly losening the screws around the CPU until they are loose, then lifting the whole fan complex out, plugging out the fan cable

Step 2: remove literally every screw you can find, put on a magnet or something to not lose them.

Here is a full disassembly and kinda guide, in a Forest, by Wolfgang

Here is an image of the fully disassembled Mainboard.

  • remove all screws
  • maybe remove the wifi card or its cables
  • untangle the WWAN cables that are channeled to the bottom of the mainboard
  • remove the SSD from its bay
  • remove the Expresscard placeholder / Card
  • remove any SD-Card or adapter
  • remove the back Ethernet / yellow charging USB board
  • remove the plastic cover right next to the Expresscard slot

Now this shooould be the top chip?

This is a closeup of the chip

Turning the board around and removing the plastic sheet right below, there is another chip that looks the same!

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Found the chips!

Now only the compiling and testing needs to be done

Hey people! So I found the chip and have two problems:

  1. I dont know how to compile heads which is what I would like to do
  2. The CH341 (no a!) programmer doesnt initialize in flashrom. Can you explain how I can modify it? Its a bundle and I would like to use it instead of buying a CH341a too