Firefox addons…..the great debate

This was in General discission, closed and would be opened soon, but where is it?

And this:
We do have an “All Around Qubes” category open to members at trust level 2 and beyond, which you will reach quickly if you remain active in the forum.
Gone too?
Anything related to Qubes which does not fit into the Support category?

I don’t find this category. So.
Essential for all EU citizens:

And with “Encrypt all Sites Eligible” set to “ON”:

Shurely also NoScript, really essential:


These four, in any webbrowser.

Can somebody explain:
If I have a sys-pihole running, is there a uBlock still needed?

It is in the “All Around Qubes” category, which you will see when you reach trust level 2.

They do the same thing. You can even feed them the same filter lists… so no, you don’t need both.

Again, this is off-topic here. It’s not Qubes OS specific.

According to Gorhill pi-hole is redundant to uBlock. However, I prefer to use them in combination because pi-hole dns filters processes running in the background (Mozilla, Google, etc…) that uBlock cannot hope to catch.

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Does HTTPS everywhere actually provide anything that hasn’t been already integrated into Firefox?

Now, AFAIK, no. Torbrowser has finally removed it by-default.

BTW they’ve been acquired by avast - so I removed them.

HN referenced this ABP filter list from IDCAC, (though I haven’t tried it w/ ublockplus and I don’t use ABP).

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You’ll still get blocking of entire domains with pi-hole, but it can’t filter individual elements on the page like ublock can since it just sees the dns requests.

So there isn’t an equivalent to rules like this with pi-hole: