Finding qubes discourse not easy change docs?

my suggestion:

  1. on this page New discussion forum for Qubes OS users! | Qubes OS

scratch/strikethrough the hyperlink that leads to a discourse page that says “it doesn’t exist” and/or on That page attempt to post something that redirects here.

As, also, a general web search leads to That page, Not this one, this one can only be found by clicking through “moved to a new home”

make it bold and large and even see how to get web search to find IT , and not the defunct one IMO

Good suggestion, but note that there is also a link to the forum on the main Qubes OS page (at the bottom).

There already is… It’s the very first sentence (starting with “Update”).

Nonetheless, I’ll replace the old link in that post.

(It still seems wrong to “rewrite history” by changing the content of old timestamped news posts. Maybe we need one of those automatic notifications that says, “Warning: This post is over a year old and may be out of date!”)

Just tested with multiple search engines, and this website ( is always the first result when searching for qubes forum.

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4 clicks to a dead page IMO