Fedora update generates the error 23

Hello, when trying to update fedora 30 to fedora 31 or 32 or 33 the error Curl error (23) is displayed. I have found: for me setting fastestmirror=false in dnf.conf did the trick, if I’ve got error execute dnf clean all or retry and problem solved whithout touch zchunk that was introducing in :fedora: 30 to reduce the compression and performance in dnf .
But how do I set fastestmirror=false. Please write down each step because I am still a beginner.

Having same problem, can someone help me/us?

Okay so I solved the problem:

from "Curl error (23): Failed writing received data to disk/application" When downloading Fedora 32 Template · Issue #6101 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub ,quote:

You might have disk space issues on the physical disk (volume group) where removing unused VMs would help.

However, as you are doing a qubes-dom0-update command, you also need to worry about the disk space within the qube that retrieves your updates, which looks like sys-firewall. If you have downloaded a lot of updates, sys-firewall may have run out of disk space on its root file system.

If you start a terminal in sys-firewall, try the following two commands:

df -h /var/lib/qubes
du -h /var/lib/qubes/dom0-updates/packages

If the df output shows low space available and the du output shows a significant amount of space being used, removing the /var/lib/qubes/dom0-updates/packages directory should resolve the disk space issue. Or simply restart sys-firewall.

So the first command revealed that I had indeed gotten close to maximum capacity, but there were no packages in that directory taking up that much space. Long story short, I figured out that I had installed too many packages in the Fedora template qube, and as a result that package exceeded sys-firewall’s hard drive capacity. I solved it by simply extending the hard drive space given to the template qube that sys-firewall uses, followed by an update to Fedora 34, attaching it to all the other qubes, removing Fedora 33, and restarting. Lesson learned: Only install what software you need in any given templatevm.

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