Fedora Template Kernel-Upgrade necessary?


When updating my Fedora template, a kernel-uprgade is very often included, slowing down the whole process a lot. I get the impression that these new kernels are actually never put to use, as only the kernel provided by dom0 is used.

Is this the case? Would it then be safe to simply exclude the kernels, when running ‘dnf update’? I’m not sure because the ‘exclude-kernel option’ is not used, when updating automatically via Qubes.

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Sounds like a question that may be better aimed at the qubes-devel so it more easily reaches the developers.

Allright, thank you. I will try and post it there then.

At my fedora-33-xfce template I missed that kernel update a few days ago and then my apps like firefox and did not start anymore. after the update it was working again. Sometimes if we try a newer kernel for dom0, I think that it have to be updated,but not everytime

Thanks @all!

So Frédéric Pierret pointed out at qubes-devel that if usage of the kernel provided by dom0 is activated (standard setting), it is safe to exclude kernels when updating that VM.