Fedora-36-minimal TemplateVM won't update (but all other ones are good!)

Hi there.
As reported in “meld” post of @enmus I got a strange malfunction on update behaviour of fedora-36-minimal.
it’s more than a pair of day I’m trying… so it cannot be a repo fizzling, also because all other fedora-36 templateVMs are updating with no issue at all.

Why all fedora-36 template updates correctly, but not the minimal one?
I’ve applied cacher modding to the template and all other repo regularly download and seem to work, but on “updates” one still getting:

update-minimal.log (4.0 KB)

I’ve also cleaned up cacher cache, to be sure it’s not related, but nothing…
What do You think?

You always want to try to update from within the template, then without cacher and/or sys-whonix and give that info as well.

Remember to run

systemctl restart qubesd

after each change in the policies and only then to try to update again.

Hi there,
I’m sorry, but probably I haven’t understand well…
Do You want I try to update it “out-of-cacher”?
But this does not change that other ones are ok…

Hi there,
without cacher it’s working as expected, but we yet know this…
Any thought?

Hi there,
or embedded suggestion is: disable cacher for all fedora templates?

Does cacher work for non-fedora-minimals? When so, delete fedora-36-minimal, download new one, start it, copy yum.repos.d folder from an update-working fedora-36 template to fedora-36-minimal, then overwrite, or delete existing yum.repos.d folder in fedora-36-minimal with the ones copied from an update-working fedora-36 template, then restart (not necessarily) fedora-36-minimal and try to update.

I have no better suggestion than this based on the info you provided us with.

I cant help you because I don’t know what your issue is.
Please dont post screen shots without summarising the contents.

As to the possibilities, there is another thread specifically dealing
with cacher and Fedora templates. Have you looked at that thread and
considered the advice there? Why did you open a new thread instead of
posting there?

The fedora-36-minimal template updates through cacher for me, after making
the adjustments detailed in that thread.

Hi there.
Sorry, but I’ve not found what You mean…
Please track me to the right one, thanks.

I am told that if you search for “fedora cacher” you will find it easily.