Fedora 36 dark mode

HI guys…
So I update just recently to fedora 36 and I install what I thought I needed for “dark mode” back into fedora 36 BUT I don’t have a full dark mode experience.
I see that there is this now “Legacy Applications” Adwaita-dark and I have applied it but still somethings are not in dark mode. One being explorer.

Any ideas or
Is there a fix to this?

OK upon researching to have a full dark mode experience in fedora 36 I need to install gnome 42.

Is this even ready for us users for qubes os?

I’m having the same issue, but running gnome-shell --version says I’ve got 42.4 so that’s probably not the problem. I’m considering just switching to the xfce templates to get full dark mode now.

yes I see the same thing…42.4. I will keep trying to figure this out as I really don’t know how i would to switch to xfce templates

I’m experiencing the same thing in my Fedora templates. Hurts my eyes. I’ve been trying to find something… No luck so far.

Here my friend…