Fedora 34 template - directly installable softwares?

While we can use things like SNAP to install many softwares…
But is there a place where we can get a complete list of stuff that can be directly installable by the following command:
sudo dnf install <…packagename…>
This is for installing stuff to the template so that all my appVMs automatically have it.

Sorry… i am totally new to Fedora34. have used linux a little bit in the past… not much

In short, yes. But remind that no package manager is “complete”, they “just works”.

For example, if you want to install brave browser, it is noticeable that brave is not in dnf list by default, so here’s two methods:

1. use snap.
2. add the brave repository in the list manually on template.

and depend on your choice. The guide wrote by @deeplow is very useful.

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Normally, Fedora has “Software Center” providing a convenient interface to find software to install. However, on Qubes, the TemplateVMs have no networking for security reasons, so it does not work.

As a workaround, you could probably clone your template and connect the clone to the network, open this Software Center and search for software you need. Then, install it in the normal template with dnf.

Alternatively, there is dnf search and more.

I have made a proposal for improving the discoverability of how to install software in templates:


I’ve tried the snaps in the past to install Brave following the instructions but I’ve had issues where the snap disappears when I start the qube.

I am not sure if Software Center lists all packages, but rather applications only. The one might try (buggy though) dnfdragora . There’s no better match to what Synaptic for Debian is, that I’m aware of.