Fedora 30 updates

Hello everyone, can anyone please confirm they are also getting updates for fedora 30? I am asking because a friend of mine, also a qubes user, has not gotten any updates for it in a months. Meanwhile, I keep receiving updates for it, we were a bit confused as to which is the expected behavior. So, are we supposed to keep getting updates for fedora 30 or not? I thought it had reached end of life.

Yes, Fedora 30 has reached EOL:

Please be specific: Which types of updates are you receiving? Fedora updates? Qubes updates?

It was qubes and xen updates. Pulseaudio-qubes; qubes-gui-agent; xen-libs; xen-licenses;xen-qubes-vm to be specific.

We dropped Fedora 30 from building infrastructure as it’s EOL. Please note Fedora 31 too is also approaching EOL.

yeah get the fedora 32 template and use that, i dropped fedora-30 like long time ago.

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I already got fedora 32 but I keep getting updates for fedora 30 while a friend of mine hasn’t been getting them, just wanted to know if it’s normal for me to keep getting updates for fedora 30 or if I should be worried.

If you are seeing updates in a fedora 30 template vm then something is misconfigured. Is it possible you followed the directions for upgrading a template but forgot to rename the template?

Generally I clone a template to the new name before upgrading that clone, but nothing forces one to do it that way.