FATAL PAGE FAULT [error_code=0002]

Hi everybody i’m trying to install your OS on my device but when i try to start your .iso (that i was installed on a pendrive using rufus and FAT32 system and DD option) from my BIOS (through press f12 becausei have a dell), i have a fatal error.
I think that the official error message is the following:
Panic on CPU 0:
Faulting linear address:

Can somebody help me? I’m not a veteran user…

Hi. Finding a compatible laptop if one of the toughest challenges. Perhaps you can have a look through the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) to see if someone has a similar computer and if they had a similar issue.

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Hi, thanks for your answer… I have Dell XPS 15 (9530) so I think that all is ok… or not?

Hum. The last tested version was R2. Which is really old (we’re now in R4.0.3). The other user had mentioned there problems with the booting from external devices, but the age difference is so big I wouldn’t trust it.

I’m not very competent in solving these issues. So I would first try to understand if the problem is with the way you burned the ISO or with the computer itself. For this:

  1. if you have another laptop around, try booting from the USB stick and seeing if it does boot. If it does, then it’s a problem on your computer.
  2. If it doesn’t boot it’s a problem with the USB stick, so I would repeat the downloading and burning with rufus again. If it still fails, try getting another USB stick.
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Hi, i tried to install qubes with 3 different USB Stick but it never worked… so now i’m going to try to install qubes on an another pc and i will send you a message if i solve or not…
Thanks for the assistance (:

I tried to instal qubes on my 2° computer with the same USB Stick and it work correctly… so i thing that the problem is my 1° pc because with your link i can see that is “partial” adapted so i must wait… do you know if exist some newsletter for new update for my pc?

That’s unfortunate :frowning: But don’t loose hope!

I think there is only the HCL. You can also subscribe to the qubes-users mailing list since that’s where people usually submit the HCL results. Or look in the archives for similar models.

You can also try one other thing:

  • testing Qubes 4.1 (still not ready for regular usage, but worth a try to see if it will support your laptop). An ISO is available here.