Failed to return clean data

Just installed Fedora 33 template which appears to run properly but will not update. It returns : Error failed to return clean data
Can anyone point me in the right direction many thanks

Where do you get this error, in Qubes updater widget? Did you try to update with sudo dnf update?

I got the error from the Qubes updater widget.

This means that Salt didn’t get valid data from the command it ran in the template. This can happen for many reasons, but in this case it could be because Fedora 33 has an old version of Python or DNF. In any case, Fedora 33 is end of life so this probably will not be fixed unless someone submits a patch.

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Thank you Demi, I’ll give 33 a miss and go straight onto 34

Why not even 35. I’m using it for months now and it works great.

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In my experience, this message goes away after simply waiting a bit and trying again later. I presume it’s due to a temporary network or server hiccup.