Failed installation

Hi all,

We are constantly experiencing errors with the installation of Qubes os r4.1.1.

The laptop is on the hardware compatibility list.

We are trying to intall the qubes os onto a mirco sd card of 128gb.

We are currently on the 5th attempt and we are getting DNF errors which are fatal and the installation is stopped.

We would be greatful for any help.

Kind regards.


Not ideal for speed, but good luck.

It would help to know what the errors are, the more info you give, the easier it is to diagnose an issue.

Also, are you connecting the Micro SD via an SD card slot? Or are you using a USB adapter?

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We finally the qubes to install via the usb. Now it is up and running in the micro sd slot.

Now the fun begins.

So is the question resolved? If so, find an answer to mark as such so this can be closed.

The fun began.

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