External Qubes SSD recovery

Hi I have a ssd I used for Qubes that I wasn’t able to backup before it stopped working on me. The ssd is completely fine something happened with Qubes and I’m not able to boot from it anymore and am avoiding anymore troubleshooting due to the possibility of losing the data

I am able to plug in this ssd with a usb and view all my vm in a separate Qubes device. It’s pretty annoying having to look through 3 different versions of each qube you have created (private,back,root) all with random long unique names as the drive name.

Am I able to chroot into a vm on the external ssd? Let’s say I mount a vm on one of my Qubes, is it possible to essential become that qube so if I open any app it opens it from that qube and not the current vm?

Am I able to mount the Qubes on the external vm so that it shows up on my current list of vms and acts like an extension to my drive possibility ?