External Monitor image freeze (RTX2060 graphics card)


as the topic says when connecting a second monitor via usb-c, hdmi, mini dp. The Monitor is recognized by the system, appears in xrandr and i can extend my laptop monitor. The problem is, the image on second monitor freezes. The System is still working normal. I can even move windows to the external monitor but they seem to disappear only showing the mousepointer.

Does anyone have an idea ?

Maybe it has something todo with nouveau and my Nvidia RTX2060 ?


Hello @dispuser5132,

Unfortunately, I do not have much to contribute here because it is well outside my current familiarity with Qubes OS. However, have you reviewed the GUI Troubleshooting documentation? It does not mention your specific issue, but perhaps it will give you some ideas about what might be happening. You may also want to review the How to Install an Nvidia Driver and Nvidia Troubleshooting pages if you have not already.

If you want to try to exclude Nvidia/nouveau from the suspect list, you can try blacklisting the driver by adding nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau video=vesa:off to the kernel boot parameters, either through GRUB configuration or as a one-off test from within the GRUB screen during boot.

That’s all I have to offer, sorry. Hopefully someone else here can provide more specific help.

Best of luck,


I guess i have found the answer.

The problem is the nouveau driver that doesn’t fully support this card (RTX2060).

Maybe i will install the nvidia driver… It is always nvidia…everytime