Extending display in standalone VM

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Is anybody able to assist me or point me to the appropriate part of the docs that will help me here? I have had a cursory look through the docs only but I hoped someone here may have trod this path before me.

I have a number of debian based STANDALONE vms (unbuntu, xubuntu and zorin). I can’t find anywhere in the settings of these that will allow me to extend the display to two monitors. Is this possible? I haven’t even tried in with app vms so I don’t know if its possible with qubes although when in dom0 the display extends ok. I’m looking to use of of these as a daily driver and I prefer the standalone experience rather than the app model.

Any help is gratefully accepted. Thanks.

Not sure if I understand your exact issue, but to change the display settings to enable multiple monitors you need to be talking to dom0, not any specific AppVM. Look Under Menu->System Tools->Display where you can query the display type and arrange the right/left monitors, physical display resolution, etc.

If the issue is that you want an HVM window frame to span across two windows then you need to adjust the video resolution inside each HVM. For that, it depends on the OS software that is running in that particular VM. I don’t have a Ubuntu or Zorin HVM so I’m not able to test this.

But when I change the video resolution inside my Windows 10 HVM the physical window frame size changes based on the vertical and horizontal dpi that I choose. If I choose one with too high a vertical setting then the frame goes off the bottom of the physical screen and I can’t get to the menu after that. I’ve never tried one that spans across both monitors (e.g. 3840x1080), and I do not see any available setting with that specific geometry to choose from. If your OS permits you to enter in your custom desired geometry then that might be what you need.

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Complete newbie with first Qubes OS on a USB stick on an old Windows/Dell computer. I have 2 monitors-left horizontal, right-vertical. I can move mouse seamlessly across the divide, and drag windows anywhere on the two extended screen. I’ve tried to set up the same thing in Qubes and can’t manage it. I get upside down text, wierd mirroring, lose the settings window, one monitor goes dark. I.e. I don’t know what I’m doing. If someone could walk me thru what to click first second, etc so I don’t make matters worse I’d appreciate it. I’ve managed to get a correctly positioned left monitor and just shut off the right one, Thank you.