Experience with MSI PRO Z790-P or MSI PRO Z690 DDR5 Motherboards?

The MSI PRO Z690 DDR4 works good with Qubes. Somebody has experience with MSI PRO Z790-P or with the MSI PRO Z690 DDR5 Motherboards?

They supports also Coreboot.

Dasharo v0.9 for the Z790 was released today for anyone with a paid subscription.

I don’t have any experience with the Z790 version, but I’ve been using the Z690 version for over a year, the early access announcement says the Z690 and Z790 have the same feature.

I just ordered an 13900K and MSI Z790-p DDR4, I’m fairly confident it’s going to work like the Z690.

Why not the MSI Z790-p DDR5?

I would save around $300 on the board and not having to buy new memory.

What think you about this?

I bought the Z690 ddr5 and flashed it using their DTS software and it works perfectly. Typing to you from it right now on Qubes.