Error canonicalizing file: Payload forged! in qvm-template-gui

Downloading ‘qubes-template-fedora-35-0:4.0.6-202111131804’…
qubes-template-fedora-35-0:4.0.6-202111131804: 53%|█████▎ | 848M/1.60G [1:38:18<1:27:21, 144kB/s]
Error canonicalizing file: Payload forged!
ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/user/.cache/qvm-template/tmptqf0utgw/qubes-template-fedora-35-0:4.0.6-202111131804.rpm.UNTRUSTED’

It looks this happens only with fedora 35 template. I didn’t try earlier versions of fedora templates. Any idea what I could done at all, or you think it looks like it is isome bug/issue?

Is fedora-35 template out yet?

Of course. You have to enable testing repositories, and you could try qvm-gui-template.

Fedora-35 template is out, but i still get this error trying to download it, even with testing repo enabled.

If your download bar didn’t reach 100% then you’ve had network connectivity problem that disrupt download. The download resume after network failure is not supported so you’ll need to download file from the start.
If your network connection is bad all the time then you can download the template rpm manually from here:
Then transfer in in dom0:

And install template manually with dnf:
sudo dnf install /path/to/template.rpm


Thank you! Can the Dom0 update qube be set to something besides sys-whonix for this?
If I change it in global settings, doesn’t find the template.

Yes you can change it to other networking VM in Qubes Global Settings.
The new updatevm should have qubes-updates-proxy service enabled in it’s Qube Settings Services tab.

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Any other VM i try that says:

Redirecting to ‘qvm-template install fedora-35’
[Qrexec] /bin/sh: /etc/qubes-rpc/qubes.TemplateSearch: No such file or directory
ERROR: qrexec call ‘qubes.TemplateSearch’ failed.

It seems that you’re using old template from Qubes 4.0 for your updatevm. You either restored the old template from backup after upgrading Qubes 4.0 to Qubes 4.1 or the template failed to upgrade.
Try to use upgraded template for upadtevm. If you don’t have it or it’s not working then you’ll have to manually download and install clean template from Qubes 4.1 repo and use it for your updatevm.

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Thank you for your help! You are right: mine are custom minimized. Setting sys-firewall to fedora-34 allowed it to download 35.