Edit windows boot manager to boot into qubes 4.1


I have 4 partitions on my notebook SSD.
First partition: windows boot manager, (hd0, gpt1) fat32 “(hd0, gpt1)/efi/microsoft/boot/…mgr.efi”
Second partition: Windows 10
Third partition: grub 2 I suppose, “qubes boot manager”
Fourth partition: qubes 4.1

So for what happened:
First I had installed windows 10 on the first 2 partitions. The last 150 GByte were not partitioned.
Qubes 4.1 iso I said to install qubes automatically with full encryption on that free unpartitioned space.
Then I had issues booting into windows. At that time, BIOS had only the “qubes boot manager” awalable and I could only boot into that.
I used a Windows 10 iso to recover the “windows boot manager” and now BIOS has that as the boot manager.

Can I now add something similar to chainloader in grub 2 but in the windows boot manager gets and entry that links to the qubes bootx64.efi or whatever the file is?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:
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Can someone confirm, that it is grub 2 that needs to be pointed at?

The answers you seek are in here :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that Qubes OS hogged your UEFI. Usually it’s Windows that breaks everything!