Dualboot and/or preparations for Imac install

So, there is now a HCL report on a 27 Retina Imac:

I have 17.1 which has some changes, but Qubes boots from USB all the way to the installer.

Now, since I am NOT using Qubes for security only I’d be interested in doing a dual install, keeping half of the disk for OSX video editing and so on and the other half for Qubes and social media marketing across sets of accounts ++

Anyone know about preparations and gotchas for a setup like this?

If/when I get started I do fear that I’ll just wipe the disk & go full Qubes if the install wrecks OSX though :wink:

Apart from the Broadcom wifi drivers, macOS is a lot more invasive and ham-fisted than previous versions. It’s almost on the level of WIndows now, which is really unfortunate. Be prepared for it to do things to your drive and your UEFI every time you boot into macOS. macOS Monterrey beta mistook my Qubes OS LUKS partition for empty space, and “corrected” the size of its own partition, basically nuking the Qubes OS install (I believe that isn’t an issue any more, though).

But yeah, be prepared for anything with dual-booting, especially when dual-booting with a proprietary OS…

…and then your old macOS partition wil become a macOS HVM :wink:

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Thanks, very helpful, maybe I’ll try switching a bit to see what happens…

My “production” Qubes install is on an Optiplex anyway, could be very useful to run random things + import Qubes into the Imac.

How complex is migrating the existing OSX setup into Qubes? Used to try playing around with Hackintosh installs on Virtualbox and so on some years ago, but never got any of it working…

Would not be worth even keeping OSX if it escalates into meaningless, continuous patching & fixing. Got started with OSX when it was released and even Macintoshes back from 89 onwards, but mentally I’m ready to ditch it all :wink:

Long story short, it’s been figured out, but your situation is one of the few where you’d be able to get support from the community without fear of being sued by Apple.

But it’s doable with OpenCore, or if you patch Xen.

If you can get a disk image of your OS X drive (ideally raw), you can automatically create an HVM from it in Qubes OS.

It’s been automated now:

My Power Macintosh 6100/66 currently runs Gentoo, and helps compile things for my GamCube that also runs Gentoo. If Xen is every ported to PowerPC, it’ll be yet another Qubes OS machine, and you have my assurances that a comprehensive HCL will swiftly follow.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll look into conversion & HVM for sure

I could not care a hoot about them trying to sue me, living in a country that could not care a hoot about things like that haha

If that automated process works I could just do that with the Imac since there would be an underlying license that came with it. Will try it out on the other machines first of course :wink: