Driver Installation in Dom0

Hey, I’m currently trying to install the tuxedo-keyboard ( driver to Dom0 but I get a whole lot of annoying errors. Could someone have a look at them and help me out? I don’t really know a lot about kernels so there might just be a bunch of stupid mistakes. Anyways, here’s the output of running “make clean”:

make: Warning: File 'Makefile' has modification time 5140 s in the future
make -C /lib/modules/5.10.61-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64/build M=/home/fof300f/tuxedo-keyboard clean
make[1]: Entering directory '/usr/lib/modules/5.10.61-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64/build'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'clean'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/lib/modules/5.10.61-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64/build'
make: *** [Makefile:31: clean] Error 2

running make dkmsinstall gives the following output:

make: Warning: File 'Makefile' has modification time 4837 s in the future
cp -R . /usr/src/tuxedo-keyboard-3.0.8
dkms install -m tuxedo-keyboard -v 3.0.8
Error! echo
Your kernel headers for kernel 5.10.61-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64 cannot be found at
/lib/modules/5.10.61-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64/build or /lib/modules/5.10.61-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64/source.
You can use the --kernelsourcedir option to tell DKMS where it's located.
make: *** [Makefile:42: dkmsinstall] Error 1

The “make dkmsremove”-command then shows this:

make: Warning: File 'Makefile' has modification time 4722 s in the future
dkms remove -m tuxedo-keyboard -v 3.0.8 --all

Deleting module version: 3.0.8
completely from the DKMS tree.
rm -rf /usr/src/tuxedo-keyboard-3.0.8
make: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.

I installed the kernel-devel package as well as dkms. Other than that the kernel in dom0 should be stock. Could anyone give me a hint as to where I should look? Thanks a lot!

Ok, for anyone facing the same problem: something with the linux-headers went wrong, just delete them and install them again. For me that fixed the issues.