Dracut-pre-udev[5051]: rpc.idmapd: conf_reinit: open ("(null)", O_RDONLY) failed

trying to use qubes for first time,.never have used linux. Getting a “dracut-pre-udev” issue. Im using version Qubes 4.04 with a Gigabyte B450M Gaming motherboard with a RX 5700XT video card.

I did use the dd option in rufus to create the usb which is on a 8gig usb drive. I have no raid controllers. Would like to install to a external usb but cant get to that point. stuck on the dracut-pre-udev issue.

Is my only option to replace the motherboard or maybe video card is there something else I could do?

I also tried disconnecting the display port on my RX 5700XT and just used the hdmi port on the same card but no luck. I have also posted here if that helps Qubes os usb boot installation bug · Issue #5641 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

It seems you posted there too, but the link could still be useful:

fyi got past the issue by using 4.1 alpha version of qubes.