Dom0 storage almost full after checking backup integrity

I was restoring a Qubes OS backup (just checking backup integrity, no data restoration) and found my computer had restarted at some point during the restore. I’m guessing it crashed.

I have tried checking the backup integrity again, but the Restore Backup tool gives the following error:

Too little space in /var/tmp/restoresfrldk0z, needs at least 1GB
Partially restored files left in /var/tmp/restore_*, investigate them
and/or clean them up

Is it safe to assume that I can just delete /var/tmp/restorefrldk0z, the restore directory associated with the error?

Should I also delete the restore directory from the restore which was interrupted by the restart?
This is at /var/tmp/restorezj6ou2p. It has 10G of data and is what is filling up my dom0 storage, resulting in the “needs at least 1GB” error.

I’m just confirming for posterity that recovering from this error is as straightforward as it seems.

The Qubes OS backup file whose integrity I was checking is still a valid Tar archive, so the system crash does not appear to have impacted the Tar metadata or structure. Is it possible that some non-Tar relevant data was corrupted by the crash, and that the only available copy of that data would be in the /var/tmp/restore* folder?

I’ve run into a similar situation, and my solution was to delete that sort of directory. I have no reason to believe it’s unsafe, and I feel comfortable doing it on my own system, but I’m not an expert.

Same answer as above. My understanding is that /var/tmp/ is meant to get automatically cleaned out from time to time (or at least stuff in there is fair game for such cleaning), so I see no harm in hastening the process when I need to (and when I don’t need any of the data I’m deleting, of course).

Here’s a relevant search result as an example:

You can find more around the Web.