Dom0 log file

My dom0 log file only goes back a few weeks, why is this? Is there a way of obtaining older log files?

Do you mean journalctl? It looks like a problem, which is not specific to Qubes OS: dom0 runs Fedora 32, so you should be able to consult their manuals/forums.

Hi, I’m talking about the log file that can be accessed via the Qube manager when you right click on Dom0 and select logs. I’m not sure this is the same thing you are referring to.

I think you would need to make a shell script that makes a backup of the files in /var/log/xen/console

@SlimGym: Open a dom0 terminal and type tge following to access manual:
man journalctl

Then call journalctl with sudo to access logs with parameters found useful to you.

A random guide found online: How to Use journalctl Command to Analyze Logs in Linux

The specific command that will list all kept boot entrees:

sudo  journalctl --list-boots

Away from computer for the moment, but AFAIK qubes manager will give logs for last boot entree only (equivalent of sudo journalctl --boot 0)

The QM log file is at /var/log/xen/console.
You’ll find archived copies there also - by date.
dom0 files are named hypervisor.log + date suffix.

Some of the entries there can also be accessed with journalctl -

Thanks for the info, I hadn’t noticed that all 3 logs wasn’t in the same folder.