Dom0 command to get all available apps for a qube?

Is there a terminal command that will output all available apps for a qube?

sudo dnf list all 
apt list --installed

not sure about the apt command

dnf list all seems to be listing for more than just apps?

is there a command that will just give me the apps in the .desktop files?

Sorry, I wasn’t read carefully your question.

This might be what you were looking for?

for app in ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop; do echo “${app:24:-8}”; done

This will give you all apps in all qubes

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qvm-appmenus --get-available --i-understand-format-is-unstable <VMNAME>


hmm… if I’m getting a blank output when running that command in dom0, yet the qube has plenty of apps available, what is that telling me? (I’m also having to add --force-root flag to get it to work.)

I’m trying to make a app runner for dom0. It will take a string input. Then parse the qube from the string, then pattern match the app.

As near as I can tell this should work nicely. Regex parsing though, never seems to work exactly as I plan… that or I’m just really bad at designing the regex statement.

I’m also trying to make the runner work in the qube or dom0. When inside the qube, navigating to the same folder, the .desktop folders aren’t there… a mimiapps.list is.

But that doesn’t give me the .desktop files?

I’m not sure how qubes is handling things inside the app… but is there a way to get the .desktop files list running the command inside the qube?

In 4.1 or 4.0?

With Qubes-OS 4.1, it looks like this:

[abc@dom0 ~]$ qvm-appmenus --get-available --i-understand-format-is-unstable test-d11
qubes-open-file-manager.desktop - Open File Manager
qubes-run-terminal.desktop - Run Terminal
org.gnome.Evince.desktop - Document Viewer
org.gnome.gedit.desktop - Text Editor
firefox-esr.desktop - Firefox ESR

Well, ludovic’s command with the strangest and funniest flag i have ever seen ( --i-understand-format-is-unstable) works flawlessly for me and it is superb comparing to mine command, so if I were you I’d still investigate why fantastic ludovic’s command doesn’t work for me.

Pleas note the difference between those two commands:
Mine will list only apps selected for qubes (to be shown in Application menu), and ludovic’s will list both available and selected.

Reading the subject of this topic, it looks like you need ludovic’s command again.

If you’d like more polished output you can run:

qvm-appmenus --get-available --i-understand-format-is-unstable <VMNAME> | sed s:.desktop::

or even

qvm-appmenus --get-available --i-understand-format-is-unstable <VMNAME> | sed s:.desktop.*::


`qvm-appmenus --get-available --i-understand-format-is-unstable | sed s:.desktop.*:: 2>&1 | tee output.txt’

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Are you looking for them in /usr/share/applications folder inside the qube?

for app in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop; do echo “${app:24:-8}”; done

I am not sure how @ludovic’s command would work inside the qube.

I’m using 4.1. When I run those commands in dom0 terminal I get a blank output?

Okay… its something to do with the terminal I was using.
When running the command with XFCE terminal it outputs just fine. Not sure why.

(Disregard… I missed the answer above. Thanks.)

Moved your thread into “User Support” as it is Qubes OS specific and this way more members can see it.

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